Pittsburgh Good Deeds

What is This?

No matter who we are, or where we are in life, we all need help sometimes. Not everyone has a friend with a truck to help them move, or a relative that knows how to fix a clogged drain. Pittsburgh Good Deeds is about being that friend (that you haven't met yet) to lend you a hand to make your day a little easier and better.

This is not about pushing a religious agenda. Our only agenda is loving our fellow man or woman, because we're all in this together. Just below is a list of the things we are able to help with. If you ask for help with anything not on that list, 99/100 times we won't be able to do it. But feel free to ask. If you want to request our help, follow the instructions in the Request Our Help section below!

Below is a donation button through paypal. Any donations will help fund future good deeds! Please email for a tax deductible receipt for amounts over $250

What can we help you with?

Request our help

You can ask for our help as long as you are within 10 miles of downtown Pittsburgh, and can't afford to pay someone to do what needs done. We are not a substitute to paid labor for those who can afford it. Please don't take away an opportunity from someone who really needs it by lying about your situation. With that in mind, the next step in requesting help is to sign up for a free Reddit account and post on the PittsburghGoodDeeds subreddit (Linked below). Please post your general location and what you need help with and hopefully someone will be able to assist.

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Offer to help

Our only mission is to "love your fellow Pittsburgher". Our volunteer group is a mixture of different races, genders, beliefs, values, and upbringings. We all want to help our fellow Pittsburgher because we've all needed help before, and we were fortunate enough to have someone there for us. Pittsburgh Good Deeds gives us the chance to be that gift to someone else.

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Handyman Services

Jon (the founder of Pittsburgh Good Deeds) also does handyman jobs on a donation basis, where people can contribute whatever they want to help more good deeds happen in the future.

If you're not in a situation where you need a good deed, but still want to help this project thrive; consider hiring Jon for your next project to raise money to help others in the future! He is licensed and insured. PA Contracting Number: PA151896.

Email pghgooddeeds@gmail.com for more info.